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Dec. 6th, 2014


In the Wee Hours, Saturday Morning, MCA -2

Rikku woke with a start from the worst nightmare she'd had in years. So horrifying that it seemed real. In her dream, Petey had -- he'd -- but Petey was okay. He had to be. Right?

In a panic she knew was completely illogical, she tore out of the bed and began searching the tiny apartment, looking under every nook and into every cranny. Mako chittered at her, and only got a cursory nuzzle. Because she wasn't going to breathe right until she saw --

Right there, in the corner of the room, happily chewing on a plant that somehow hadn't died yet, was Petey. He glanced up at her when she entered, giving her a token mrowl before going back to chewing on the very pathetic-looking leaves.

She didn't mean to burst into tears. She just did. He didn't seem to mind, as she crouched on the ground next to him, and he only gave a token protest as she pulled his weight onto her lap.

"Don't scare me like that again," she said, as if it was his fault she'd had that dream. He vocalized a very elaborate reply, then decided to begin chewing on her arm.

It was wonderful, and she was never, ever letting go.

(OOC: a long, long time ago, I gave the Jerries my then-kitten so they could write class about him being a Retarded Kitten Oracle. When they skipped town, Rikku adopted him. So my cat Chase lent his face and personality to her Cuban Pete.

We lost Chase almost two weeks ago. They think it was a massive heart attack. We didn't even know he was sick, it just happened. Since I can't hug him, Rikku's going to have to.

So, I've been extra-lurky of late; sorry about that. And I apologize for emo-ing on your flist; I just -- had to mark this somehow, I guess. NFI, broadcast is fine, OOC is welcome if it's the warm-hug variety, and now back to your regularly scheduled BDE, already in progress.)

Nov. 10th, 2014

night night!

Handwavey-Numbered Hotel Room, The Arms, Monday Morning

After a long hard day of attempted zombie-slaying, and some handwavey training with that friend of Morikawa-Sensei's, Juliet and Nick had decided to call it a night. She had insisted on a hotel room, and he had complained (again) about being a disembodied head, and she had reassured him that she still loved him just as much as ever!!!! And the rest of the night was spent trying to prove it to him, in various ways that you really don't want to think too hard about.

And now, Monday morning, Rikku was now fast asleep, snuggled warm and safe in Reno's arms, pulling him closer around her with a happy sigh. Obviously she was in Reno's arms. Where else would she be asleep?

(For the Gorgon, who is not in fact the Turk, and who now has a body, to boot)

Nov. 9th, 2014

(au) GLAM

MCA -2, Sunday Afternoon

Okay, the place Juliet had woken up in yesterday was kinda ... different. Like, it was all messy and there were all sorts of pets, so ... was Morikawa-Sensei having her crash with some friend of his? She couldn't remember and she wasn't, like, totally sure what was going on with that, because she always listened when Morikawa-Sensei talked. Maybe like she'd like hit her head or something??

Anyway. She'd been around town all day and not found much by way of zombie activity, which was totes to the good in the interests of happy civilians but made for a way more confused self. Why get sent somewhere that wasn't in desperate need of some chainsawing?

She totally wasn't questioning Morikawa-Sensei. Maybe it was a training deal, like, meditation or some much needed R&R? Someone would tell her soon enough. She was just popping back in to that weird apartment place to see if she could get a little more information. And fix her make-up 'cause it was starting to look gross. It was amazing Nick even wanted to look at her.

(Nick, from his spot attached to her belt, assured her that she looked totes great. But he'd say that anyway, because he totally loved Juliet no matter how fat and gross she got from binging on lollipops. Best boyfriend ever, even if he was currently a decapitated head.)

(Rikku is now Juliet, the main character from Lollipop Chainsaw. TARA STRONG AS A VA = AU IS AN EMBARRASSMENT OF RICHES, YOU GUYS. OPEN because I expect the Turk will want to comment on his GF's new hobby ...)

Oct. 19th, 2014

cgi fingergun blam!

Apartment MCA -2, AKA Reno-and-Rikku-land, Sunday Evening

cut for borderline NSFW playtimeCollapse )

(Just for the Turk, zoto, and not going where you think it's going. >.> )

May. 30th, 2014

oooh! neat!

MCA -2, AKA The New Reno-and-Rikku-Land, Friday Afternoon


It was a very ecstatic Rikku who was barreling into the apartment, full speed and full volume. "Reno! You'd better be here! Guess what, guess what, guess WHAT!"

If she didn't find him in five minutes, she might just go without him. So there.

(Okay, she wouldn't really. Still.)

(Just for the Turk. THIS WILL NOT END WELL.)

May. 12th, 2014

knives at the ready

An Abandoned Warehouse, Monday Evening (NFI, NFB)

Okay, there were way too many machina packed into the spare bedroom. Rikku's brilliant idea of setting up a workshop in Reno-and-now-Rikku's apartment was kiiiiiiind of off to a really bad start, considering there was barely enough room to walk around all the crates.

Also, Petey and Mako were super-curious about the engines, and engine grease was hard to clean off fur. (And fur tended to clog engines, anyway.)

So they'd decided to find a place in town. There were all sorts of abandoned warehouses. Surely one of them was up for grabs, right??? So they picked a nice big nondescript one and moved their shit in. Carefully.

Of course, putting big crates of stuff into an abandoned warehouse was just kind of asking for it to be stolen by people who stumbled in there, who might spot the shinies and not realize that most of the stuff was broken. (Or who just found the bits and pieces interesting.) And that's why they were wiring some super-awesome locks and alarms into the place.

Mission: accomplished. The Rikku-and-Reno machina-materia-and-goodies warehouse was ... okay, not open for business. Not open at all. Just for the two of them to putter around with cool shit.

(ESTABLISHY, NFI, NFB. raspberryturk modded with permission.)

May. 5th, 2014


MCA -2, AKA The New Reno-and-Rikku-Land, Monday Morning

Rikku had totally thought it was like gonna take her a few more days to wrap things up. Because Gippal had been fighting with Eigaar and the airship had been making all kinds of clunky noises and Pops was being stubborn and, like, all the Al Bhed had chosen the exact same moment to go crazy, and it was right when Reno needed to be at the Newbie Picnic because he was teaching again and how cool was that???? So she had told him to go on ahead and she'd just follow up when she'd smacked some sense into the rest of her people.

But Eigaar and Gippal had made up, and Brother had fixed the airship -- did that mean Brother was actually getting good at something???? -- and Pops had been all snarky about how she shouldn't keep her booooooooooyfriend waiting. But that was just Pops being Pops. He liked Reno. The Al Bhed had kind of adopted him. It helped that he knew how to fix things. And spoke the language. And had weird eyes.

Anyway. It was only Monday and she was totally, totally free to do whatever she wanted, and what she wanted was to be in Fandom with her favorite bestest Turk ever. They'd been world-hopping for a few years now but nothing ever felt like home. Maybe Fandom would.

He'd texted her the room number, and it was crazy-early. Why knock when you had lockpicks? Really, if she'd knocked, he might have thought she was replaced with some kind of a pod person.

It occurred to Rikku like after she broke in that it was a good thing she hadn't gotten the apartment number wrong, because she might have totally broke into someone else's apartment and they might have been upset. But she would have dealt with it, and besides, this was totally Reno's place. Nobody else had a Mako honking excitedly to see her.

"Hiiiiiii, baby," she cooed as she shut the door. "Mommy has lots of stuff in the hallway. Are you going to be a good boy and not make a run for it?"

First step: uncrating Petey. The two of them would at least keep each other busy.

(JUST FOR THE GUY WHAT LIVES THAR. Wow, I missed this girl.)

Aug. 26th, 2011

reno/rikku otp

An Al Bhed, A Turk, Some Pets, A Causeway, Friday Night, LAST POST EVER

It was astonishing how bare the apartment looked ...Collapse )

She scooped up her half of the luggage, then freed one hand, reaching over to offer it to him. "I love you," she said. Unnecessary, but she liked saying it. "Are we ready?"

"When ain't we?" Reno smirked, leaning over to steal one more kiss as he took her hand. "C'mon, babe. Spira won't have no clue what the hell hit it when we get there."

Rikku took his hand and squeezed. And they walked, hand-in-hand, through the portal and on towards the rest of their lives.

(I am not tearing up, dammit. OKAY I AM. SHUT UP. This post was written with my winsauce partner-in-crime and BFF raspberryturk, who has been the most amazing kickass shipmate ever. Yes, they're leaving, and no, they're not going to be alumni; they're going for good. It's time. We'll miss them. NFI, but broadcast is okay, and OOC is so, so, so much love.)

Aug. 13th, 2011

thinking hard or hardly thinking

The European Land of Mouse, With a Turk in Tow, Saturday

Summer was almost over, and Rikku wasn't sure what would happen at the end of it. She felt restless, like something was unsettled. Maybe it was time for them to move on.

She was doing her best not to think about it, because ... well, because that was what she did best. Ignore things until they went away. And this park was supposed to be the happiest place on Earth, although there were three or four of those parks now, and they all said that. So ... maybe they had to compete for that title and one of them was the fourth happiest place on Earth and just pretended nobody noticed? That wouldn't be quite so catchy an ad.

"This map is kind of weird," she noted, from underneath her mouse ears. Visits to Disney parks required mouse ears. "It says 'Main Street, USA' on it. I thought the USA was that country we used to be in?"

Geography wasn't her strong suit. In her defense, she wasn't really from this world, okay?

(just for the redhead, yoto)

Jun. 30th, 2011

yes go on

MHA #1, AKA Reno-and-Rikku-Land, Thursday Night

It felt weird using a key, because she'd been gone for like a month or so (... she thought? Really, she'd lost track, oops) and that seemed rude to just burst in? But it also seemed weird to knock at a place where you lived since you lived there.

She settled for using the key but jingling it really loudly, like, thumping it around in the lock a whole lot. As if she was the least efficient burglar ever. Except burglars didn't use keys. So the least efficient burglar that had a lockpick that resembled a key ever.

(just for the turk, zoto! i am feeling somewhat better, and so miss rikku is back :) )

Apr. 2nd, 2011

adult rikku - sad

MHA #1, Saturday Morning

The first thing Rikku noticed when she woke up was that the other side of the bed was still warm.Collapse )

(OOC: Establishy. For anyone who missed the brainstorming post, Rikku came back, and Reno ... didn't. I cut for length and for some minor emo, although Rikku's tougher than she looks. And for E: yes, the last line is totally a take-off from "Spider in the Snow.")

Mar. 12th, 2011

arty thoughtful

Office Hours, Office #11, Saturday!

Rikku was totally bouncing in her seat and waiting for parents or guests to come by, if they wanted to. And she felt kind of like an imposter, pretending to be a teacher, but she kind of was a teacher, for real, so that was okay, wasn't it?

(door and post open!)

Jan. 31st, 2011


Besaid, The Beach, Monday Midday, Fandom Time (NFB-Distance)

Yuna was busy, most of the time now. It had taken a couple of days of missed calls and overlapping travel for her to find her cousin, just to pass along the simple message -- that she and Reno had taken care of the fiend in the Bikanel desert.

Of course, if it had just been that, she could have left a message, but there was more. She needed to talk to Yuna. Really talk to her. About ... about a lot of things she never said, before.

She sat by the edge of the water, watching the waves lap up at the shore, and waited for her cousin to arrive.

(just for the NPC High Summoner, played by the delightful weldedtomyspine. the couple of days delay is for legitimate IC reasons and not because I was running around IRL, serious >.> )

Jan. 28th, 2011

all out of bubblegum

Bikanel, Friday, Fandom-Time (NFB)

As tempting as it was to put this off -- and it was, for many reasons -- Rikku knew that it was better to get this overwith. It was just going to hang there, in the back of her head, bothering her until she tackled it directly. She was starting to wonder if Momoko was right, and all of Home was doing the same thing.

Starting out ...Collapse )

... and Finding the FiendCollapse )

(Preplayed with the fantabulous raspberryturk. Will be continued in comments. NFB-distance, and NFI except for the Turk, zoto.)

Jan. 7th, 2011

no one else to blame

MHA #1, Friday Evening

Rikku was okay. She was.Collapse )

(just for her turk. this one has nothing to do with fun phone-day antics and everything to do with some messiness that's been bubbling up, zomg. Warning: the conversation below will probably touch on some of Reno's drinking issues, so if that's going to be triggery, please stay away.)

Dec. 24th, 2010


Besaid, Friday Morning (NFB-distance)

Rikku and her little sib Momoko had spent the night in Besaid, in the small hut that was still, technically, Rikku's. She didn't really live here, but it made for a nice home base when she needed a place to crash.

Lately, 'Home' seemed to be wherever Reno was. (And Petey, too.)

Friday morning, bright and early, Rikku took her friend out on one of the trails that led out of town.

"The airship will be here soon," she explained. "But I need to show you what we're dealing with first, okay?"

Momoko might be gunshy, about actually killing fiends. It was understandable. It was also better to find that out now, on Besaid, where the monsters were lightweights.

(for the little sib. there was going to be more detail here, and links to pics and so on, but I am RUNNING out the door for holiday-ing and will be massively AFK for most of the next two days. If I owe you pings (I know Rinoa owes them like crazy) then you have my apologies and we can SP it up? MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL)

Dec. 18th, 2010

I have a Cunning Plan (TM)

MHA #1, AKA Reno-and-Rikku-Land, Saturday, Midday

Rikku was humming as she decorated the apartment. Because she didn't really know much about this holiday, but it was all kinds of cheerful, and that was good enough for her.

"You're lucky you're cute," she told the little ball of feathers sitting on the dining room table. "Because I am seriously tempted to go fiend-hunting without you. I need supplies, Momo needs practice, it's a win-win. You could take care of yourself, right?"

Actually, he'd probably be killed by one of the other pets inside of a day. Petey wouldn't mean to maim him. He'd just play too rough.

"Maybe I toss you into my leg-pouch?"

Because, seriously. He'd fit.

(for him what is turning back. can be open beyond that!)

Dec. 13th, 2010

arty thoughtful

MHA #1, AKA Reno-and-Rikku-Land, Monday Night

"I know, I know," Rikku said, sighing a bit to herself. "It was really mean of me to not let you fight the goblins."

Reno's agreement was limited to some frantic nodding.

"I bet you could have taken them all by yourself," she said. "You're very vicious, aren't you? Who's vicious? Who's gonna get 'em?"

Reno managed a quite impressive pthhhhhhbbbbbbt at that.

"You'd better turn back soon," she said, shaking her head. "If I have to teach your class tomorrow, I'm taking you with me."

Leave it to Reno to turn into a bright red baby chocobo just in time to miss an invasion. She couldn't leave him to Petey and Mako's care, and it seemed dangerous to bring him along, so she'd chosen to sit it out, too. Which was so not fair. They might have to go to Spira and kill fiends over break, just to make up for it.

(Establishy, so as to explain why they skipped the BDE, and to set up tomorrow's final. Muahahahaha. Reno modded with permission, natch. Can be open if anyone wants to call or visit, or if the wee chocho wants to blow raspberries at things!)

Nov. 14th, 2010

i seem to be dead now

MHA #1, Late-ish Sunday Night

MHA #1 looked a bit like a crime scene. One that had been hit by a tornado.

At the eye of the storm -- at the very still center of the overturned furniture and piles of strewn-about clothing and whipped-cream and chocolate-syrup stains -- were two figures, lying on the floor.

Neither of whom could move.

"Okay," Rikku managed, very, very weakly. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't think I want any more sex."

She was starting to chafe.

(for her Turk. other people can call if they want, but please do not come visit, as they are unable to get the door.)

Oct. 18th, 2010


MHA #1, Monday Morning, With Pets and Confusion For All

Right, so yesterday? Yesterday, Reno had woken up as a ridiculously hot girl, while Rikku was still in girl-form herself. Which meant Reno had once again declared himself to be the hottest lesbian in existence, and Rikku ... okay, so she kind of really liked having girl-sex with girl-Reno, on the rare occasions that it happened. And so they did. Repeatedly. Before coming back to Fandom, having even more fun, and then collapsing in a heap.

And so, when Rikku awoke this morning, she snuggled in against the other sleeping form and discovered that ... that ... wait a second.

Reno was still a girl. At least, girl-shaped, on the outside.

She blinked and sat up, looking him over, not really sure how to feel about that.


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